Manifest Love in Your Life With the Law of Attraction

LOVE is one of the foundations of a happy healthy life. When you are a loving person and you enjoy the company of loving people, you are happy. This grows even further because the happier you are, the more love you give and receive.

It paints a perfect picture in your mind, doesn’t it? Imagine living inside a home filled with warm sun light on your skin and the sound of people laughing. Your lover leans close to your body and you can smell his cologne. A moment to be grateful for.

However, reality isn’t always that pretty. Suddenly your happy bubble bursts and you are back inside your 4 x 4 apartment, alone. You wonder what you are doing wrong because nobody is in your life right now. Nobody is there to share your successes that make you feel wonderful. Nobody is there to create sweet memories that you will remember for a lifetime.

Most people would get stuck in this rut, indefinitely. But you know better than that, right? You know there IS a way to create love and attract more love in your life. You know there IS a way to manifest more happiness in your life.

It’s all about the attitude you keep and the choices you make. Most people call it the Law of Attraction, so for simplicity’s sake let’s use that term also.

Does the law of attraction work with love?

Your mental model determines what results you create in life. A mental model is the way you think, the way you feel and do things. Everything you think, everything you feel and everything you take action, will create the results you want and don’t want.

In relationships and love, most people simply let it flow. They only give it a small amount of thought because they are lazy. They feel entitled to happiness simply because they feel miserable. You have to rise above this level of feeling and into a higher state of thinking.

When you put your thoughts and emotions focused on one idea, it manifests into reality. Thinking love and finding the right partner means you are willing to let go of the past. It means you are willing to be open and allow love to come inside, even though it feels scary.

You will also need to take the action steps. Many people misunderstand the Law of Attraction as if you only have to “wish and it will come true”. It is more than the exercises and saying affirmations. It only helps you to get into the right mindset and emotions, so you can do the actions easier and comfortably.

How fast does the law of attraction work?

When you do the action steps, things will start manifesting into your life. Perhaps it will happen right then and there. Perhaps it will take time. It’s most important to be patient and not envious of others.

I want to share my story of attracting love. I started thinking and feeling with the Law of Attraction to find a partner. I had a specific person in mind, and I wished that I could meet her and be introduced.

Within only 7 days, I was introduced to her. She is one of the most beautiful and talented women I have ever met. I saw her on TV, which is why I had a “crush” on her and wanted to meet her!

However, the first meeting didn’t go well. Not because I messed up or anything, even though I was very nervous. It didn’t go well because there was no chemistry, AT ALL.

So, did the Law work to manifest someone in my life? Yes.
Did it work to attract more love? Not yet.

My mistake was that I asked for a specific someone. This goes against the Law because that someone also has thoughts and feelings and therefore may NOT be attracted to you. This is why it’s important to be as open as possible to love without overly demanding in what form you want it.

I share more about my research and personal experience on these pages. You can learn more about my favorite authors on this topic, and also the books I recommend. A better way to start manifesting is by attending online courses and events so you can meet a community of like minded people.

I hope my writing will help you on your own journey to create a love life now.