5 Steps to Manifesting Your Soulmate With the Soulmate Secret

About one year ago, I decided it was time to improve my love life. I did this because I had been too busy with work and abandoned social life completely. Plus, before that I had a failed relationship.

I didn’t have a clear cut idea what to do or where to start. I simply had the intention to make myself a better person. This mental attitude has always served me well before, so I tried to apply it in love.

That’s when I found Arielle Ford and her Soulmate Secret. I first learned about Arielle through other self improvement authors. She immediately became one of the most attractive to me. I find her interesting since her work is mostly focused on finding your soulmate – which is what I want to do!

Arielle’s story is that she manifested her soulmate and husband. She did so using her own custom made techniques. Since then, she has shared her process with thousands of men and women that read her books and attend her workshops.

Here are some success stories of people who have found their love in life:

Cheryl, 37, had completely given up on love until she discovered the key to “belief” and is now blissfully engaged to her soulmate.

Lynn, 52, twice-divorced, feathered her nest, practiced her daily feelingizations, and created a very detailed wish list. She and her beloved are now living together.

Greg, 43, created a strong intention and a giant visual representation of his future that brought him is beautiful fiancé. They are planning a Spring wedding.

These are beautiful stories, but the question is can it work for you too?

5 Steps to the Soulmate Secret

Arielle’s approach to manifesting your soulmate is quite simple. It consists of first letting go of what is holding you back in life. Then you open your heart to allow love to grow inside.

It sounds simple but the reality is hard to do. If it were easy, we would all be happy and Arielle would not need to write an entire book about it, right? So here are some specific points from the book:

  1. Have faith that love is meant for you. Many people (myself included) often think that we are meant to be single. We think that love is just not meant for us. Change this mindset and have hope before you can begin to attract love.
  2. Let go of toxic people in your life. If you are in a relationship with someone who hurts you, be brave to leave them. It’s not worth risking your own life (mentally and physically) to be with someone who doesn’t love you 100%.
  3. Clean up yourself and your living space. This is a practice often taught by many holistic healers. It works because by clearing up your home or apartment or even just a closet makes you have a clearer head and heart.
  4. Know what you really want with vision boards. Once you have created an open space in your life and heart, it’s time to design what you want in it. Describing your soulmate with a specific list of criteria works so you can identify him or her once they enter your life.
  5. Expect love to come to your life, but don’t be desperate or needy. Remember, if you chase love it will only further avoid you. Wait for your partner, and in the mean time practice loving your self fully and completely.

The book also includes meditation exercises such as this “feelingization” by Arielle:

Are you blocking love from your life?

Reading the opinions of the people who have gone through the Soulmate Secret book, it’s obvious it is not for everyone. If you are a rational and scientific person, it’s likely that you will have a tough time accepting the “airy fairy” ideas and practices in the book. Plus, if you are already well versed with the Law of Attaction, you might already know everything you need to know to manifest your soulmate.

Even so, there are plenty of good thoughts and techniques inside. Arielle stresses that it’s important to forgive your past lovers, and especially forgive yourself. This is part of getting into the right state of mind – of removing emotional baggage from the past. Only after you’ve let go, can you start to figure out what qualities you want in your partner, and prepare for their arrival in your life.

It’s good that the emphasis isn’t so much on “external” aspects, but on being a happy person. You have to be complete inside instead of thinking someone will complete you. This is a common theme I see among many similar books and courses. If you are looking for other options, you can read books such as Kathryn Alice “Love Will Find You” or Sandra Anne Taylor “Secrets of Attraction” or enroll in the Art of Love series.

Manifesting your soulmate isn’t an easy journey to do. Many people avoid doing it because it can bring up past wounds that have not healed yet. They avoid it because it involves personal responsibility.

However, if you are brave to face your own demons, you can start living a happier life. I think the rewards are worth taking the risk. What about you?