How to Manifest Your Perfect Partner With the Art of Love Relationship Series

It has come to my attention that most people want to be “genius” in love. They want to simply “let it flow” and do nothing special or put out extra effort. Yet, they expect to find a great and wonderful person as their life partner.

I was guilty of being such a person too. I thought that if I was a nice person, surely the Universe will reward me with a beautiful partner. However, several years later I found myself still struggling to find someone, let alone a GREAT someone.

The good news is I had already been doing “manifestation” work. I learned the Law of Attraction, and it helped to repair my financial situation. It was then that I realized I needed the same focused intention so I can attract the perfect partner in my life.

One question stuck in my mind though: where do I start?

Why you have to study love to find it

The problem with love is no one teaches it, at least not in school. Most of us grow up thinking we be nice boys and girls, and love will come to us naturally. My experience taught me different though: for some people, if you want it then you have to go out and get it.

Like learning how to be good with money, I knew there had to be someplace where I could learn to be good with love. My search didn’t immediately return the results I was looking for. There were times where I felt like a loser because I had to learn all this while others simply “got it”.

Fortunately, just around Valentine last year, I stumbled upon a resource that clicked with me. At first, I thought it was weird to learn love from a “spiritual” point of view. However, I moved on with the spirit of nothing to lose, and I was greatly rewarded.

The resource that I found was Arielle Ford and her Art of Love Online Relationship Series.

What is the Art of Love Relationship Series?

The Art of Love Relationship series is a 9 day online event. This year it starts on April 1, 2014. It features a whole cast of love and relationship experts to bring you the teachings and tools to manifest love in your life. The best part about this event is you can listen to each expert for free!

During the 9 days, you get 3 seminars per day talking about various aspects in relationships. Whether it is about learning to let go of past trauma, or how to save a failing relationship, and even how to love yourself more and allow more love to come into your life – there is something valuable that every person will find inside this event.

The seminars are around one hour long and available to listen for 24 hours. After that, if you missed a session or if you want to listen again, then you can upgrade to own the recordings. In my experience, simply listening in to the free sessions is already enough to give me the answer I was looking for.

Each seminar has a different approach. Sometimes, the experts talk more about your inner feelings and how you value yourself. Other times, you will learn specific steps and what to do when you are out on a date or meeting someone new.

In other words: there is something here for everyone, in all stages of relationships.

How I manifested the wrong partner

One of my favorite speakers is Katherine Woodward Thomas. She is the author of “Calling in the One” which is a book on how to focus and open your heart to find “the One”.

I listened to her seminar, and I did the exercises in her book. One of the exercises was to write a list of criteria for your “perfect partner”. Surprisingly, only a week after doing this exercise, I met with an exact person – a very specific “someone” that I thought was right for me.

Talk about instant manifestation!

However pleasant that was, I made a mistake: I “forced” the Universe’s will. Although I did manifest a specific person, we did not have any chemistry, AT ALL. That experience taught me to be more open, and I rewrote a new list of criteria without having an exact person in mind.

I am still on my journey to find my “One”. Even so, my love life is much better than before when I simply “let it flow”. I am meeting many members of the opposite sex, and some of them turn into good friends. The journey still continues but I believe I will succeed, someday.

If you are struggling to manifest your perfect partner in life, then you too can join over 120,000 people in this year’s Art of Love online series.

Click here to begin manifesting more love in your life

Dr. Deepak Chopra Explains Why You Should Let Go of Control in Relationships

On 27 February 2014, Arielle Ford has released the first video from her Art of Love series. The first video features best-selling author Dr. Deepak Chopra. Arielle asks several questions to him on how do we have more love in our life?

Problems in love occur when you look outside for love. Any relationship that is based on “How do I get this?” will not fulfill you. This is because you are operating from a taking mindset, instead of giving.

Deepak explains that trying to control a relationship is also toxic. You try to force control because you believe that what fulfills you comes from outside. Nobody likes being controlled against their will, so the more you try to control, the less you will get what you want.

Watch this video and listen to Dr. Chopra explain how to control and allow in a relationship:

Art of Love Deepak Chopra video

I had a personal A-ha! moment watching the video. My favorite part is when Deepak made me realize that to have more love in your life you can ask a simple question:

If I make this choice, am I loving myself?

This translates into being aware of your choices. How you put food in your body, how you talk to your parents or children, how you speak to a person – and how you speak to yourself. All of these choices determine how much you love yourself. It ultimately determines how much joy is in your life.

The next time you are feeling in need of love, ask yourself that simple question, “If I love myself, would I do this?”. If the answer is NO, then don’t do it. If the answer is YES, then you can do it.

Sex, Toys and Porn: Dr Jenn Berman Reveals Why 70% of Men Cheat

The 2nd video from the Art of Love series has been released. It features Dr. Jenn Berman who gives tips on how to “affair proof” your relationship. If you feel like your relationship is suffering and that you need to bring it to life again, then watch the video.

Art of Love Series Jenn Berman

Arielle states in the video that 40% of women and 70% of men cheat in their relationships. However, the high percentage is not because of what many people think. Jenn explains the main reason why men and women cheat is due to a lack of connection.

Connection is one of the most primal human necessities. It’s a crucial element to building a long lasting relationship. In today’s era, true connection and intimacy is becoming a rare experience because people spend more time looking at a screen than they do at each other.

Have you ever felt this with your partner? You and him are in the same room, but there is no connection between you? If you let this go on for too long, either you or your partner could get caught in an affair even though you don’t mean to.

What can you do to avoid a failing relationship?

Jenn points out that spending face to face time with your partner is important. She recommends at least 20 minutes a day or 1 hour if you can. You can do all sorts of activities as long as there are no screens (TVs, computer, tablets) involved.

Your sex life is also important. Many couples don’t talk about their sex life beyond what they’re already doing. Jenn says you really need to know your partner, including their sexual needs – even if it means sex toys and watching porn. This will improve your sex life and the connection you have with them.

All this is for the purpose of adding exploration and adventure to your romance life. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Simply doing simple things to intentionally keep the romance alive can go a long way.

Why Your Partner Doesn’t Have to Be Spiritual For You to Be In Love With Them

As we move along to the 3rd annual Art of Love series, Arielle has released the 3rd free video. In the video, she asks several questions to Rev. Michael Beckwith about how to become a spiritual couple if your partner doesn’t share the same beliefs.

Men and women experience spirituality very differently. Men tend to experience through the mind, as a result they are slower to accept ideas without proof or evidence. On the other hand, women experience through the heart, which means women are faster to accept abstract concepts such as feeling and being more spiritual compared to men.

This might become a problem if you are a spiritual person while your partner is not. It’s a great feeling when you and your partner are on the same path and share the same vision. However, as Rev. Beckwith points out, it’s not necessary for both people to be on the same spiritual path to enjoy a healthy relationship.

Even so, there’s nothing wrong with persuading your partner to be more spiritual. Rev. Beckwith gives tips on how to make your partner more spiritual by first leading with example. When you are spiritual, you carry a certain balance and joy that makes other people curious. They want to know how you can be so calm and peaceful – then you can tell them or show them your spiritual practices.

Watch the video below to listen to Rev. Beckwith give specific tips to enjoy a more spiritual relation with your partner:

Art of Love Michael Beckwith

All the videos above from Deepak Chopra, Jenn Berman and Michael Beckwith are a free sample of what you can get inside the Art of Love series. If you aren’t registered, then click on this link to get notification on when you can listen to more free seminars on living a more loving life.